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ENGLAR commenced work in July 1995. ENGLARs first activity at that time was directed towards the foundation of flat associations and the mediation of lease - and sales transactions of apartments and flats.

At present we act under the business name ENGLAR KINNISVARA and our business activities are:

purchase - and sales transactions of flats and apartments, houses and lands
leasing services of flats, apartments and houses
consultation and aid in the above-named business matters

Our bureaus location is : Tallinn 10137, A.Adamsoni 2
Office hours: from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. on business days.
Our working-time is not specified as the character of our work often requires us to fulfil our working tasks in the evenings, on days off and even on holidays according to the clients needs.

Our contact numbers:
phone: 372 6613 678,
           372 6613 848
MT       372 55 929 992
fax       372 6313 849,